COOKIE BUTTER Salts Collection by Propaganda - 40MG

COOKIE BUTTER Salts Collection by Propaganda - 40MG

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Just what you have always wanted, this vape juice blend is a drool worthy version of the dessert blend that you dream of being able to sink your teeth into on those cold winter nights. A concoction of different individual tastes that all come together to wrap themselves into one ooey, gooey warm dish. When there is a huge snow storm and you have to keep on suiting up and heading outside to shovel the step and keep your car clean. Every time you come back into your house you have that stinging feeling in your hands that stops you in your tracks and has you doing a little jig to try and get warm. What you really need is your favourite mod filled with a good juice and your most comfortable pair of pajamas on. Propaganda Salt E Liquid makes vape juice blends that are copies of all of your favourite Propaganda E Liquid juices but made with salt nicotine which allows for more nicotine intake per inhale which is ideal for anyone who is trying to quit smoking. When you taste this combination of flavours, it's going to feel like you've just been given the warmest, tightest hug that you have ever had in your entire life. Food has a power to affect your mood and bring about different feelings, familiar feelings can be really comforting and wonderful. If there is one word that you can use to describe this juice it's comfort. This is exactly the thing that you want by your side when you crave full, well balanced flavour. Right out of the oven, still hot, chewy oatmeal cookies are sprinkled with brown sugar and then dunked in milk. 

Primary Flavours: Oatmeal, Cookie, Milk, Brown Sugar

PG/VG: 50/50